Printer rental is the next utility for offices

Printing – immediately

Increase your capacity by outsourcing special fields to professionals. When your printer or copier lets you down at a crucial moment that is going to be the time for you to think of a quality change. With our flat rate or maintenance services you get your prints in time in high quality. Gain access to our innovative print control and management systems.

Choose a suitable service package to your printing needs

IT and Office technology in one hand

Companies’ most important tool in the 21st century is the applied IT systems. It is now impossible to sell, deliver and preserve the value created without IT, be it a product or a service. Advanced and reliable IT background is crucial for staying competitive. To stay in the market, you need to coordinate the development of your field with the development of your IT and be able to operate it reliably. Fault handling must be plannable and quick. Printer Service Kft. can manage your IT structure so you can focus on your profession.

Do not believe it! Measure it!

Most companies have no record of there employees printing habits. It works on trust basis for many years. Our customers who have implemented our print monitoring system reported 20-30% drop of printed pages. Beside savings on costs this system allows users to plane and follow usage. It’s many-many new features can improve our work efficiency. Features like mobile printing or print roaming.

Business printing secured

The most important value of any business is the business database collected over many years, or a description of their unique technical solutions. There IT security can be solved, but no one can tell who printed them and when. This way, sensitive data can get into unauthorized hands. Our advanced print management system stores all prints and it provides full control of all print over the network.

Lakat alatt az üzleti nyomtatás

Green World printers to protect nature

In office technologies, mainly the consumable manufacturing and remanufacturing fields try to implement green technologies to reduce pollution. Most copier and printer manufacturer offer remanufactured devices. These devices just as usable as a brand new machine, life span brings minimum 80% of the original. This way, pollution can be significantly reduced and the product life time is nearly doubled.

GreenWorld nyomtatók a föld természeti környezetének megóvásáért

Rugalmas finanszírozási konstrukciók

Flexible financing

We can provide monitoring systems tailored to our customers needs. The simplest logging system is part of our services. Higher level complex print control functions are also available, customized to meet partners requirements.

IT Networks

Printer Service Kft opened it’s structured networking division in 2006. Spreading of IT technologies is enormous now a days, even small businesses require structured IT networks. Professionally built networks provide long lasting quick and reliable data transfer which is inevitable to work efficiently. Structured networks built by standardized components are flexible, end-points are relocatable and multifunctional.

Strukturált hálózatok kiépítése